Sunday, April 07, 2013

That's Baseball


One pitch.  Down to their last out.  Hitless and phutile throughout the evening.  Wasting a good start by John Lannan in his debut with the club.  On the brink of starting the season 1-4 including two straight losses at home.  Phillies nation edging toward the ledge if not poised to go over it.

Kevin Frandsen pinch-hitting in a tough situation.  Frandsen, who earned a starting spot based on his 2012 performance but who didn't get one because the alleged brain trust decided his position requires, no demands, power and a glove at least as good as Brooks Robinson.

Having loaded the bases with two outs and watched the next two guys go down on strikes, Frandsen, whose parents were in from California for the game, probably went up their looking for the proverbial good pitch to hit, a fastball if you please.  And, lo and behold, he got one.  And, lo and behold, he stroked a double into the gap in right clearing the bases and giving the Phils an improbable last AB 4-3 win.

One pitch away from an even more dismal opening week than even this blogger expected (and my three loyal readers know I am not your garden-variety optimist).

So, what can we say? 

That's baseball.  Fortunately.

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